SignAtHome General Terms and Conditions

These general terms & conditions govern Dioss Smart Solution's offer of SignAtHome services.
Dioss Smart solutions is referred to as Dioss below.

SignAtHome is offered by Dioss and is free of charge. It is available to all users.
Both senders and signers are counted as users.

By using this service, you confirm that you are legally bound by these general terms & conditions, as amended from time to time.
If you do not agree with any of these general terms and conditions, please refrain from using the service.


The service remains under the sole control and discretion of Dioss and can be altered or shut down at any time.
Dioss makes no guarantees as to the performance or uptime of this service.

Intellectual property

The SignAtHome service constitutes a creation protected by copyright.
All texts, lay-out, drawings, photos, films, graphics and other elements of this site are protected by copyright. Any copy, adaptation, modification, traduction, arrangement, communication to the public, location or any other exploitation, of any part or whole of this site, under whichever form or by whatever means, whether electronic, mechanical or by other means, is strictly prohibited, except prior authorisation in writing by Dioss.
Any infringement to these rights is liable of civil and criminal proceedings.


This site is created and maintained by Dioss with the utmost care. However, Dioss cannot guarantee the exact nature of the information contained in this site. The user agrees that such information may be modified without prior notice. Dioss declines all liability for the content of this site, as well as for the use made of such content. Dioss cannot be held liable for the content or the existence of other sites, to which hyperlinks are created.

You may be held liable to indemnify Dioss and it's partners, clients or subcontactors for any damages suffered by your violation of this agreement, by your misuse of the services or violation or infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights in the context of the SignAtHome services.

Right of withdrawal

You may cease using the service at any time. If you want to have your data removed entirely, please mail


You acknowledge and accept that while Dioss makes every effort to provide a secure environment, no claims can be made in case of any issues.
We reserve the right to suspend your right to use the service in case of technical issues or suspicion of improper or fraudulent use or for any other objective security reason.

Fair use

You acknowledge and accept that:

  • you will only send documents for signing to people that will expect this document from you
  • you will only send documents with normal non illicit or criminal content
  • you will enter data correctly as you see it
  • you will not impersonate anyone else
  • you will not use this service for test purposes
  • you will not use this service for more than normal amounts of signatures (for example: no automated sending)
  • you will not try to abuse nor exploit any of the systems or services


The sender enters his data, which shall only be used as stated on the website itself, included in the FAQ, and will also be made known to the recipient/signer.

You may not use these services to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, distribute, publish or exploit for any commercial purpose the software, content, offers, experiences, products or services provided by Dioss.