e-Signing & e-Sealing

The ‘missing link’ in the further digitization of your document flow.


DIOSS Smart Solutions has developed a digital signing platform made up of an 'e-Signature Validation Server’ and an ‘e-Signing’-component, using open standards (Pades, Xades and Cades) and with the possibility to integrate in existing document flows.

In addition to the cost saving aspects and being environment-friendly, the digital signing solution facilitates the customers' and membership recruitment, all sorts of declarations and applications, contract signing, etc.


  • National Health Service (member affiliation)
  • Banks and Insurance Companies (signing financial and other transactions, contracting)
  • National, regional and local authorities (e-office)
  • Utility companies (contracting)
  • Temporary employment agencies (signing performances)
  • Social services etc.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-integrate
    • No middleware
      • Google Chrome makes use of our plugin.
    • No client software
    • XML-driven
    • On-site or ‘as-a-service’
  • Cascade signing
    • The same document is signed successively by different persons in a fixed or random order after which all digital signatures appear on the document.
  • Bulk signing
    • Different documents are signed at one time by one person with a digital signature on each document.
  • Long-term validation
    • This ensures that the digital signature can be validated legally at the time of signing.
    • For that purpose the digital signature receives a certified time stamp (excluding the possibility to predate).
  • Archiving
  • Multi-platform
    • Windows, Mac, Linux
    • iOS, Android
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Sustainability (paperless office)