Card mailshots

Smooth and efficient card mailshots

We also have extensive experience in organising efficient card mailshots.
We sit around the table, analyse your wishes and advise you on the possibilities.

We also define the data structure for customisation and we see which elements should match (text, image, colour etc.) and where the necessary inserts will go.

Flexible composition

When putting together the card mailshot you can count on a very high degree of flexibility:

  • You can add up to five extra inserts, one of which can be personalised even further.
  • You can automatically add an insert with a thickness of almost 1¬†cm.
  • Various envelopes can be used, including American-format, C5 and C4.
  • Various cards can be glued onto one and the same document.

Electronic verification 

It is a must for the right card to be glued onto the right letter. We guarantee the right match through electronic verification.

This process involves checking the:

  • Barcode/text (OCR)
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Contact chip
  • RFID

A few of our mailshots