We put your request and goals under the microscope

Brainstorming? DIOSS would love to join you, from the very start! We start off by making a detailed inventory of your requests and requirements, and the possibilities we can offer.

Then we look at the aim of your display. Are you looking for a promotional display to be used for a few weeks only, a semi-permanent display or a permanent display that should last a few years? Depending on your goal, we will decide on the best design and materials to be used.

Logistics? Our cup of tea!

We develop the logistic process that best meets your needs. We sit around the table and decide whether the display should be assembled in advance or directly at your shop, whether a merchandising team is required and whether a shop assistant needs to be given instructions on how to install the display.

At this stage we also get a clear picture of the shelf layout, the total contents of the display and its maximum supported weight. The number of displays required will largely determine which printing and production methods we use.