Cardboard partytafel

The Cardboard Party Table

A different Cardboard Party Table for every occasion. These party tables are made from honeycomb cardboard and are 100% recyclable. After use, the tables can either be reused, or can be recycled along with any other paper and/or carboard materials.

Cardboard Party Table specifications

  • Reusable and 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight, strong and stable material
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Table top is personalized with a print of your brand or a creative visual
  • Delivered as a flatpack for compact transport (4 tables per pack)
  • Strong visibility for your brand


Lightweight, easy to carry, stable and strong

The party tables are exceptionally light and easy to carry, while at the same time being stable and strong. They are delivered as a flatback in a practical box (four tables per box).

Printed with your logo or photo

We personalise the table top of this Cardboard Party Table with your company logo or photo.