Fleet - Solidariteit voor het gezin

745 cars in a mere 13 days

DIOSS took charge of lettering 745 company cars for the organisation 'Solidariteit voor het gezin'. Good coordination by our fleet managers was key to finishing the project in a mere 13 working days.

The stickers were applied on-site and in optimal conditions. Our in-house mobile team worked in a large, well-lit and dust-free space at room temperature.

Quality control

Once the stickers had been applied, they were subjected to a thorough quality control. A checklist was used to assess every detail of the implementation. This entire process ensured this major project was completed smoothly and the client was 100% satisfied with our coordination and implementation.

Nothing but advantages for the client

  • The assignment was carried out on-site. There was no need to move the cars to our workshops.
  • The client can now enjoy years of advertising at the price of one magazine ad.
  • The client’s hybrid fleet combined with this advertising method is the perfect way of showcasing the company’s positive, eco-friendly image.