Special-effect mailshot - bpost

The idea behind the mailshot for bpost was to make it clear to the recipient that tangible communication is a must in direct marketing (DM).

An original campaign is not enough. Special visual effects can add that extra touch you need to succeed. For this mailshot we used special inks (daylight ink and thermochromic ink), allowing readers to discover an additional hidden message.

Capture your audience with the magic of DM 

  • Your message will truly stand out in the overwhelming world of digital marketing!
  • DM generates a reaction from, on average, 23% of your recipients, such as sales, visits to your points of sale or website etc.
  • DM is the preferred channel for brand-related information.
  • Adding direct mailshots to your communication mix will increase your Return On Investment (ROI) by 20%.
  • Online communication and traditional mail complement each other really well: after having received a direct mailshot, 71% of online buyers visit the brand website.

Not convinced yet? Here are some more interesting facts and figures! 

  • 91% of all Belgians are curious to know whether they have received any mail and empty their letterbox every day.
  • 87% of all personalised advertising (DM) is actually read.
  • Belgian consumers spend 1.52 minutes reading your message.
  • Two consumers out of three remember your brand and message.

Source: bpost mailshot