Special inks

Our special inks allow you to give your printed items or direct marketing campaigns an extra special touch. Below you will find a few of the many possibilities.

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  • Iriodin inks
    Iridescent effects, among others.

  • Fluorescent inks
    For prints that need to stand out.
    Please note that fluorescent ink cannot be photocopied.

  • Retro-reflective inks
    Retro-reflective inks reflect under lighting.

  • Thermochromic inks
    These inks change colour depending on the temperature they are exposed to. 

  • Blacklight inks
    These inks are virtually invisible in ambient light, but reflect under UV light.

  • Glow-in-the-dark inks 
    Phosphorescent inks that glow in the dark.

  • Photochromic inks
    These inks change colour under UV light. When the UV light source is removed the original colour is gradually restored. 

  • Relief inks
    These inks give prints a relief effect and are often used for braille printing.

A few example of projects involving special ink effects