Sport Sizer XL

Your idol in person

Elite athletes speak to the imagination, and can count on a large fanbase, from the young to the not-so-young. The Sport Sizer XL in cardboard or plastic is a life-size, photorealistic pop-up display with a lifelike image of your favourite sport star.

Sport Sizer XL use

The possible uses of the Sport Sizer XL are endless. With their imposing presence, the sports personalities give the entrance to your building a lively, sporty and distinctive ambiance. Furthermore, the Sport Sizers XL are excellent attention grabbers and ambassadors for your (exhibition) stand. And of course, theses sports stars will be happy to be photographed with their fans.



Sport Sizer XL specifications

  • Life-size figure of the sports personality 
  • Two blank supporting legs
  • Individually packaged in a box of 1000 x 2000mm
  • Packaging suitable for delivery to your home


The Sport Sizer XL is available in two versions:

Classic version: Kongboard 16mm – honey comb cardboard
Deluxe version: Foam board 19mm - plastic (waterproof)