Customer Loyalty

Know, manage and encourage your customers.


DIOSS Smart Solutions specializes in ‘customer loyalty’ programs to give your customers a more tailored approach, ‘campaign management’ and CRM included. 

We will help you elaborating the action plan, developing and integrating the required software tools to the issuance of the loyalty card itself. The goal remains retaining existing customers and attracting new members.
It is a modular system consisting of different ‘engines’ (registration, loyalty, CRM and notification) and ‘management modules’ (customer, card & account, actions & rules, partners & affiliates, events & locations, campaigns, users) which can be combined or integrated seperately in different platforms.


  • One-stop solution provider
    • We offer a 100% vertical integration when issuing a customer card and/or loyalty card.
  • Multi-platform
    • In-house development of mobile apps (iOS and Android)
    • Integration of smart tokens (QR, NFC,…)
    • Embedded linux systems
  • Dynamic rules management
    • A dynamic management of rules to reward the customer one on one.
  • Campaign management
    • Set-up of campaigns in order to organize customer-oriented actions.
  • POS integration
  • CRM integration
  • Marketing reports
    • Generating all kinds of reports to support marketing.
  • On-site or ‘as-a-service’