eID Integration

Make the most of the available data on the eID card.


DIOSS Smart Solutions has developed different tools to capture data from the eID card automatically and flawlessly.


  • Filling in correct personal data automatically
  • Registration of people (identification)
  • Logging in with eID card (authentication)
  • Age check with eID card


  • Easy-to-integrate
    • Software Development Kits (SDKs) to integrate the eID card in a solution in a simple and fast way
    • Short time-to-market
  • Integration support
    • Extensive support for integration in third-party applications
  • Evolutionary maintenance
    • of new versions and models of the eID card
    • of supported platforms (OS, browser, …)
  • Multi-platform
    • Windows, Mac, Linux
    • iOS, Android
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Experience for years on end
    • We were there at the creation of the eID card's specifications.