Smartcard Technology

Smart Card or token, we have the right technology for you.


Years of experience and know-how, built up in the most prestigious card projects in Belgium (Proton, SIS, eID, Mobib, etc.), makes us the perfect partner in choosing the technology and the final realization of your project.


  • State-of-the-Art applications
    • Visual crowd authentication (ticto – RSA award winner)
  • Bank counter applications
    • Transaction signing
    • Pin change & Card unblock
  • Public transport applications
    • Generic multi-card/multi-reader framework
    • For embedded controllers and mobile devices
    • Mobib card personalization
    • Remote card loading
  • Multi-applications
    • The same application with different tokens (for example: digital signing of financial transactions at the counter with bank or eID card)
    • Several applications with the same token (for example: access control for parking lot with public transport technology)


  • One-stop solution provider
    • We offer a 100% vertical integration.
  • Multi-technology
    • Contact cards (EMV)
    • Contactless cards (Mifare/DESfire)
    • Dual-interface cards (Mobib/Calypso)
    • Java cards
    • NFC tokens
    • Display cards
    • Smart tickets
    • Mobile devices (smartphone, tablets, …)
    • Biometrics (fingerprint, hand scan)
  • Evolutionary maintenance (adjustment of the applications in accordance with evolution of browsers, OS, other software)
  • Multi-platform
    • Windows, Mac, Linux
    • iOS, Android
  • Experience home and abroad for years on end 

Take a look at our participation in the RSA conference.