Customised cards

Looking for custom cards? DIOSS offers a wide range of solutions!

Just a few of our customisation options:

Thermal prints

  • Allows us to include barcodes or variable NAW data on the card.
  • Once the card has been produced, a colour photo can be added to it.

Re-transfer prints

  • Both the layout and the variable data can be applied in one single action. This is the ideal solution for very small runs or for printing RFID cards.


  • Embossing allows us to print relief data (e.g. on bank cards).
  • Hotstamps allow us to apply holograms on cards and/or letters for your card mailshots.

Data processing

  • We analyse the data we receive and jointly determine the approach to be used.
  • You can send us the data for your customised cards every day, week or month.
  • We offer the possibility to send the data encrypted and view when it is removed from our server. In a nutshell, your data is in good hands in our secure data environment.

A few of our creations