Full colour wrapping

Full-colour wrapping, one of our specialties

A full car wrap means the entire vehicle is wrapped in a special vinyl foil. Full-colour wraps are available for cars, vans or trucks.

The vinyl wrapping is prepared in-house and printed using large-format full-colour printers. The entire print is then covered with a scratch-proof protective layer to prevent damage for a long-lasting result. A wrapped car can even drive through a car wash, provided some basic rules are respected.

A full wrap needn’t be permanent. Selling or exchanging your car? No worries, the vinyl foil can be removed effortlessly without damaging the vehicle’s original paint as long as you use the right materials. An additional advantage is that the stickers cover the original paint, offering extra protection!

An eye-catching fleet 

A full-colour wrap can turn your fleet into a real eye-catcher. After all, your vehicles are the ideal promotional tool on the road, at trade fairs, events or festivals.

This is the perfect local advertising method, lasting years, and much cheaper than placing an ad in a local magazine or newspaper for one or more weeks.

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