How it all began


The screen printing business Jev Screen was founded

Jev Screen needs no introduction. This family business was founded in 1970 and went on to build a solid reputation as a producer of refined, high-qualityscreen prints for a wide variety of clients.


New Jev Screen acquired Ceuppens Printing. 

Jev Screen bvba was meanwhile renamed New Jev Screen nv, and acquired Ceuppens Printing bvba in 2004, a high-level UV-offset printing company specialising in the production of plastic cards.


New Jev Screen launched plastic digital printing. 

In 2005 the in-house USP, screen printing and UV-offset activities at New Jev Screen were further strengthened through the development of an ultra modern digital printing unit equipped with digital refining tools. The result? A one-stop-shop for three plastic-printing methods.


DIOSS Print Solutions was born.

The company’s specialties – digital, UV-offset and screen printing – were further integrated into the group and to market this unique offer even better, a new brand name was launched: DIOSS.

Consultancy, creativity and quality took centre stage within this new concept. Moreover, a strategic shift was launched, from mere production to fully-fledged service provision. The group’s new baseline? “A unique service-production company”.


Gradual development of DIOSS Card Solutions

The production and launch of plastic cards was a major – if not the main – driving force behind the company’s growth and slowly but surely, the need arose for a more autonomous product line, with specific product management tools.

The company took its first steps in the wonderful world of smart-card technology, partly thanks to the acquisition of the Card Solutions Group business, and DIOSS Card Solutions was launched.


Daelprinting joined the DIOSS Group.

Until 2013, DIOSS was specialised in small-format printing (max. 70 by 100 cm). However, as the demand for total solutions increased, the company realised it needed to extend its product range with large-format printing solutions. This would go on to become another milestone in its strategic development.

In 2013 Daelprinting, the Belgian specialist in large-format printing – both digital and screen printing – joined the DIOSS Group. Cross-selling activities between both companies were launched, resulting in added value for DIOSS, as it no longer had format limitations and took up an important position in the market for industrial screen-printing applications.

Moreover, KONG® displays, the Daelprinting registered display brand, allowed DIOSS to break through in the display market.


DIOSS acquired a majority share in INTO IT Applications.

INTO IT Applications is a software company specialised in data management systems, smart-card technology, loyalty programmes, and secured transactions and services. Moreover, the company is a key player in e-signing and e-ID integration software, with the National Bank of Belgium as one of its clients.

In 2014 we made the important decision of focusing strongly on IT solutions in order to further strengthen our share in the plastic printing business, particularly in the plastic cards market. We opted to further automate our processes – both internally and externally at our clients’ – and we made every effort to launch the concept of data integrity in the graphics industry.