Innovation and sustainability

New plastic print carriers

At DIOSS we are always on the lookout for new print carriers that allow for easier and quicker application by the end user. An example? As an alterative to self-adhesive carriers, we are increasingly using YUPOTako®, Magnetic Poster and Easy Sticker. All these products can be applied and replaced in the blink of an eye by non-professionals.


Eco-friendly solutions 

But there’s more! We are always looking for alternative, eco-friendly solutions, which allow us to save on natural resources and use environmentally-friendly carriers that are both durable and affordable. In doing so, we also consider the recycling process after use.

Closed-loop recycling and cradle-to-cradle

DIOSS has committed to closed-loop recycling. Closed-loop technology allows for all materials collected at the end of their lifecycle to be fully reintegrated into the chain, breathing new life into them.

We have opted for the cradle-to-cradle principle, a new business model that calls for collaboration between suppliers, producers, users and processors. The aim is to design products in such a way that they are safe and re-usable throughout the chain, from start to finish.