Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable Data Printing on plastic

Variable Data Printing (VDP) and Printing On Demand (POD) may be widespread for paper applications, but DIOSS takes it one step further by offering these methods for plastic.

That’s right. You can now customise your POS materials to showcase the most relevant message to the right person at the right time. Customisation and segmentation boost customer response and maximise profits on the shop floor.

Complex customisation 

Variable Data Printing can be used to customise a wide range of tools, such as magnets, roll-ups, (self-adhesive) plastic labels, coasters and wobblers. We offer even the most complex customisation options, with texts, images and colours that vary for each printed piece.

Looking to add a unique QR, AR or EAN code to your POS materials? That too is a possibility! These codes are useful as they provide extra functionalities and added value to customers.

Link with data files

Variable Data Printing requires a database. The variable data to be printed is filtered from your data files and linked to our graphics software.

Your images, texts and other variable data are automatically read and integrated into the printing process. This automatic integration allows for optimised productivity and eliminates the need for manual interventions during the pre-press process. That translates into reduced costs for the end customer.

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